Peggy Gernes

Position: Office Administrator

Phone: 651-690-2477


Highland Catholic School is the greatest place to “work”. I started at Hi-C as a young Mother volunteer when our children were here in the younger grades. One summer the secretary was not able to start the year due to health problems and Sister called me to see if I would be able to help. Of course, I was very excited. The secretary and I then job-shared for a time, but she was never able to come back to work full time and decided to retire. By virtue of the fact that I knew the job so well, I inherited the position and joined the staff in becoming the second secretary of Highland Catholic School in 1985.

I wondered what I would do when our children graduated from here, then from high school, and then college, but each time thought about why I would ever leave here. It is such a delightful opportunity to work with the children and watch them grow through the years. And now, because I have been here for so long, I see many of those who have graduated walk back through the doors of Highland Catholic not as students, but as parents continuing the tradition and enrolling their own children. It’s so much fun to seem them in this new role. This is just such a fantastic community of which to be a part.

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