At Highland Catholic Preschool …

  1. Children follow their own individual developmental patterns.

  2. Children feel safe and secure in their environment.

  3. Children have activities and materials that offer just enough challenge.

  4. Children connect what they learn with past experiences and current interests.

  5. Children have opportunities to explore and play.

  6. Teachers nurture children’s language. They talk, listen, and provide opportunities for children to share ideas and feelings.

  7. Teachers read to children every day.

  8. Teachers help children get the most out of every learning situation.  They make comments, ask questions, and add new challenges, as children are ready for them.

  9. Teachers promote intellectual development, social development, large motor development, small motor development, and language development.

  10. Teachers provide an integrated curriculum of language, literacy, math, science, social studies, art, music and drama. Highland Catholic Preschool provides Music and Spanish with Specialists.

Classes Available

3 Year Olds

– 2 Day Class, Tues-Thurs AM


– 3 Day Class:  Mon-Wed-Fri  AM

– 5 Day Class: Mon through Fri AM

All Classes include

Spanish, Music and Physical Education Specialists

Additional Options

Breakfast Buddies, Lunch Pals and

Stay, Play and Learn.

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