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Curriculum Technology is viewed as a learning tool at Highland Catholic School. Students in all grades receive specific instructions in computer skills. They gain expertise in using technology, digital cameras, scanners, presentation software to create projects that demonstrate learning, explore teacher-selected websites and extend the walls of their classrooms. We have over three hundred iPads …

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Curriculum The early grade Spanish program is designed to provide an environment that encourages students to participate and explore a new language, progressively moving students to broader, real world application of Spanish, and establish language activities and learning goals based on their age groups. Phase 1 of Spanish performance is for Preschool, Kindergarten and first …

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Resource Room

Curriculum The Resource Room exists to provide students with wide-reaching enrichment opportunities. Small groups of students visit the Resource Room throughout the day to work on curricular enrichment in math and/or language arts. These students are selected based on test scores and teacher observation. In the Resource Room, students work on projects and activities designed …

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Eighth Grade

Curriculum They’ve finally made it. The students have achieved the ultimate goal of all these years of study. They are the eighth graders, the oldest, the smartest, the leaders of the school. As their reward for having achieved this high status, they get to work harder than they have ever worked before, learn more than …

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One of the most amazing things about Highland Catholic School is that you will make life long friends. Highland Catholic takes pride in its Alumni, whether you recently graduated or thirty years ago. We would love to hear from you and share your news. Contact


Use the following link to start the application process. You will be connected to our TADS online system and asked to create an account (if you don’t already have one). You will use this same account later to login for the online enrollment process (if your application was accepted). Click here to apply. Contact Highland …

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Physical Education

Curriculum The goal of physical education is to get students moving and elevate that heart rate! All students have physical education twice a week. Elements include: development of basic movement skills, use of team games, emphasis on cooperation, age-appropriate physical challenges, and encouragement of individual effort. The teacher’s high energy and sense of FUN make …

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Seventh Grade

Curriculum By seventh grade, the students feel confident in their knowledge skills based on their positive and successful experiences of the previous years. This positive attitude leads to productive and effective learning across the curriculum. In addition to the regular subject matter taught in various classes, the sixth through eighth grade faculty is committed to …

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Performing Arts

Curriculum This 36 hour a year program is designed to help the 6th through 8th grade student gain self-confidence, enhance their public speaking skill and work on team building in a creative process. This class includes but is not limited to: 1940’s radio, improvisation, music of the 1960’s, set design and commercial acting.

Sixth Grade

Curriculum The sixth grade students move around to many different teachers thus gaining the expertise of many different teachers who specialize in specific subject areas. The greatest opportunity of sixth grade is the Long Lake Conservation Camp field trip. It is a wonderful opportunity to make the outdoors an outdoor classroom. After three days of …

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