Swing Fundraiser

Diamond Jubilee: Celebrating 75 Years of Highland Catholic School

May 1, 2021 – Swing Virtual Gala

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2021 Diamond Jubilee Event Overview

Swing would not be possible without support from volunteers, and the generosity of local businesses and organizations.


Did you know a great way to support Swing is by buying a Raffle Ticket? Now it is easier than ever. Here are two ways to have a change to win fantastic prizes while supporting Highland Catholic School:
1. CLICK HERE to print and complete the raffle form, and send it to Highland Catholic School attn: Swing Raffle with your payment of check or cash.
2. Even easier, call the HiC School Office, at 651-690-2477 and secure your raffle tickets with a debit card. It’s fast, easy, straight forward! Plus it helps decrease the use of paper!


Click below for more information on each trip:

Cult Winemakers VIP Access

Disney World Family Adventure

Belize All-Inclusive

SWING History:
In 1999, a group of Highland Catholic School supporters launched a “School Carnival for Adults.” Their vision quickly became a reality and Swing has thrived for 20+ years. The Swing fundraiser is Highland Catholic’s biggest fundraiser that directly benefits students, teachers, and families. Proceeds support Highland Catholic School’s general operating budget. Funds support stable tuition rates, access to specialists, extra programming, technology upgrades and improvements in the facilities.
We are gearing up for our 2021 Swing Gala!Click here to learn more.
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