Raise Right (formally SCRIP)

Ever wonder about the $50 Raise Right charge on your tuition statement? Raise Right is a fundraising program for Highland Catholic School that raises about $20,000 each year for school operations.  But that’s not all!  You can earn your initial $50 payment back.  Here’s how it works.

Highland Catholic purchases gift cards from local and national vendors at a discount ranging from 2%-20%.  Then you buy these gift cards from Hi-C at full face value.  The school keeps the difference.


Vendor     Card Value   %Discount   Hi-C Earns:

Davanni’s    $25         X    20% =        $5

Rainbow      $50        X     4%  =        $2

The $50 charged on your tuition statement is seed money that allows Hi-C to keep a wide inventory of gift cards.  Once you have purchased enough Raise Right to earn Hi-C $50, the school then sends you a voucher to purchase an additional $50 worth of Scrip gift cards.  Remember, it is the discount percentage of the card value that counts toward your $50 voucher reimbursement.

The idea behind Raise Right is for the school to earn money from your everyday household purchases.  Instead of making those purchases with cash or a credit card, you can use the prepaid Raise Right gift cards.  The Raise Right program stocks gift cards from a wide variety of vendors that you use every day for purchases like groceries, gas, restaurants, clothes, entertainment and home repair.  Examples are: Lunds, Cub, Rainbow, Holiday, Chipotle, Highland Grille, AMC Theaters, Barnes & Noble, GAP, Gerten’s, Menards and Walgreen’s.  When you become a regular user of Raise Right, it is easy to have the gift cards you want on hand when you need them.

Click here for Raise Right Order Form. You can submit forms to the office any time. They are filled out and sent home with your child in Thursday folders. You can also buy Scrip directly every Wednesday morning from 8-9 a.m. at the kitchen window.

Raise Right is a valuable program but it only works if you use it!  If you have any questions call  Scrip is a fundraising program at Highland Catholic School that sells gift certificates from various local and national retailers who then reward our school with a percentage of the sales. Very simply, the way it works is that Hi-C purchases the gift certificates at a discount and then sells them at face value. The certificates are used just like cash in the stores. The profits range from 1%-20% of the sales amount.

At registration, families pay a Raise Right commitment fee of $50 per family. When families buy Raise Right certificates and generate $50 or more in profits to the school, the original $50 is returned to them in the form of Raise Right certificates of their choice. For example: Joe and Jane buy $50 worth of certificates from a vendor, with a profit margin of 20%. Therefore, Joe and Jane have earned $10 in profits for the school. They will be contacted when they have reached their $50 profit mark.

Raise Right is a successful fundraiser because families are not asked to spend a penny more than they already have for household items. We just ask them to plan ahead for purchases and buy the certificates before they shop.

Raise Right order forms are routed home weekly through the Family Folder and walkup sales are available every Wednesday from 8-9:00 a.m.

Questions? Please call the office at 651-690-2477


Raise Right Order Form 

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