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About the program

Welcome to Extra Innings, our before and after school program! Our program is designed to provide a relaxed, caring and fun atmosphere for school-age children. Extra Innings is a school-age childcare program designed to provide a relaxed, caring and fun atmosphere. This program is offered before and after school as well as some school holidays and summer.

Extra Innings provides a variety of fun experiences related to creative arts, drama, music, small motor activities, large motor activities, books and games. We provide a safe, secure and stable environment that encourages adventure, creativity, respect of others, responsible behavior and a positive attitude.


Philosophy and goals

The program strives to provide a relaxed and fun environment conducive to learning and growing. Children are encouraged to develop friendships, explore their own interests, and grow in confidence and independence as well as developing respect for themselves and others.

The Program’s goals include:

  • To provide a variety of fun experiences related to creative arts, drama, music, small motor activities, large motor activities, books and games.
  • To provide a safe, secure, stable environment that encourages adventure, creativity, respect of others, responsible behavior and a positive attitude.
  • To provide a caring staff who stress group cooperation while supporting the needs of the individual child.


Registration forms, emergency contact card, medical forms and a nonrefundable registration fee must be completed and turned in before your child may attend.

Drop-in care

Children are always welcome to attend the program if registration forms and an emergency card are on file. When drop-in care is needed, please send a note with your child to notify their teacher and the Extra Innings staff.


Contracted parent/guardians will be billed monthly.

Pick-up and drop off

Parents/guardians must come into the building to pick up their children. I know that this can be more difficult in the winter months, but for safety and liability purposes we need someone to come into the building in order to send a child out. We really appreciate this as it helps out our staff and allows us to make sure we know where everyone in our care is at all times.
– If you are going to have someone else pick up your child or they are going home with a classmate or friend, just shoot me and our lead staffer, Beth Vitek, an email letting us know!

Late pick-up

The program closes each night at 5:30 p.m., after which a late fee of $10.00 for every five minutes will be charged. We understand that circumstances do arise which make it impossible to pick your child up on time. Please notify the program as soon as possible if you will be late picking up your child.

Schedule Changes

If your schedule changes and your child is not going to be coming to EI one day that you had originally planned, you can email myself and Beth. However, if it is later in the day or close to pick up time, it is always best to call the office as they will make sure the message gets directly to your child and their homeroom teacher, and they will notify EI staff.


Technology like phones and Apple Watches should stay in students’ backpacks while at EI, similar to how they put them away during school. If you need to reach your child immediately, the best option would be to call Beth Vitek, her number is (651) 747-7973. It is also posted on the door signs outside of the EI door.

Changing Contract Hours:

If you find that your schedules are changing permanently and you need to plan for different days of the week for EI, please reach out to me. I will have you fill out a new contract hour form. This way we will know exactly when to expect your children and will be able to make sure we are billing you correctly.
As always, schedules change weekly and sometimes even daily, so your children are always welcome to drop in sporadically on days as needed.

Typical day

  • Snack
  • Homework
  • Outside or gym
  • Inside games, arts and crafts, or computer

Meals and snacks

Breakfast and snack, including milk, are provided daily.


Information regarding field trips and other important events can be found in your family cubbie.

Guidance and discipline

When conflict arises it is our goal to work with each individual child; listening to what they have to say and helping them to resolve the problem using effective communication. Rules are generated as a group and posted for easy reference. All children are expected to follow the school behavior plan and will receive the same consequences for poor choices as they do in their school day.


Children will usually go outside daily. It is important that they are dressed appropriately. Please be sure that all items are clearly labeled with your child’s name. Extra Innings is not responsible for any lost or broken belongings.

Field trips

Parents will be notified ahead of time by a sign, listing the date, time, special fees and location of all field trips. A permission form must be completed by the parent prior to the trip.

Medication and sick children

If a child becomes ill during care hours, the child’s parent(s) will be notified immediately. With non-emergency illnesses the child will be encouraged to rest while waiting for his/her parents.

For the safety and well being of your child, as well as other children and staff, please do not send your child when he/she is not feeling well. The center will not knowingly accept a child:

  • with a temperature
  • who displays symptoms of physical illness (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.)
  • with a rash of unknown origin

Prescription medication can only be administered with prior written authorization from the parent. All medication must be in the original container with a complete pharmaceutical label. If your child requires an over-the-counter medication or aspirin, you must have filled out and have on file the medication card. If children are carrying medication to and/or from school they are to give it to a staff person to be stored for safekeeping.


Parents or a designated person will be notified as soon as possible of a serious accident or injury. In an emergency, when immediate attention is needed, 911 will be called. After 911 has been called, it will be the paramedics’ decision as to the appropriate necessary action.


If school is closed for inclement weather, Extra Innings is also closed. Please listen to WCCO radio or television for school closings. In case of a severe storm or other emergency, and school is closed early, Extra Innings will close using the following procedure:

All children’s parents will be contacted asking them to pick up their child as soon as possible.

A staff member will stay until all children are picked up.

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