Why Choose Highland Catholic?

#1. We care about each other.

Principal Schmidt greets students by name when they walk through the doors in the morning. 6th graders give high-fives to their Kindergarten reading buddies in the hallway. Teachers celebrate students’ accomplishments, big and small. Our community comes together to support families during hardship. SuperFriends, our anti-bullying program, makes our school a safe place to learn. And our students leave with long-lasting friendships and the feeling that at Hi-C, they were loved.

“As we viewed it, our ONLY option was Highland Catholic because it fit well within our family values. Everyone wanted the best for all children entering those Bohland doors.”

“Kids are loved. I cannot imagine any school doing that better than Hi-C.”

#2. Everyone is welcome here.

Our families come from all walks of life. Teachers embrace different learning styles and nurture all abilities. Students learn about diverse cultures, world religions, and socioeconomics. We appreciate and celebrate differences, and at Hi-C, everyone belongs.

“I will never forget the strong sense of inclusion and warmth from the moment you enter.”

“I felt that my children were in a community where they were valued individually, given a multitude of opportunities and taught to respect and value differences.”

“The biggest thing I noticed, almost immediately [in high school], was that I was much more mature when it came to diversity. We were prepared far better than my peers even at other local Catholic schools. … Activities like units on the poverty cycle — shout out to Mrs. Skold — and other real-world classroom experiences taught us to understand our privilege and move forward to create an inclusive and diverse community.”

#3. We live our faith.

The Catholic spirit informs everything we do. We grow vegetables and cook soup for our Lumen Christi senior citizens. We deliver May Day baskets to our neighbors. We pack food at Feed My Starving Children. We pray. We say thank you. We come together for monthly Mass and our students lead our worship. At Hi-C, we have Christ in our hearts, every day.

“This is a wonderful, welcoming happy place to send your children where they will grow in God’s love for themselves and for others.”

“I loved that faith was part of, not separate from, my children’s education.”

#4. We develop the whole child.

Our students learn academics. But they also learn respect and kindness. They learn to care for the environment. They learn to play an instrument. They practice YogaCalm. They play outdoors and have free time with friends. They laugh. They perform. They lift each other up and take pride in the success of the whole group. At Hi-C, we know that academics are just one part of a child’s education.

“Hi-C gives kids confidence – all the small and big things, from Pride, to reading at Mass, to the Christmas Program, the kids learn presentation skills. Those are important, too!”

“Leaving Hi-C, I felt I had a strong sense of self.”

“Hi-C’s academic program is great. More importantly, they excel at teaching healthy relationships, self love, time management/organization, love of learning, and they connect the dots both academically and socially.”

#5. Our teachers ROCK!

Our teachers truly care and recognize that each student is unique and special. They listen. They respond. They meet students “where they’re at” and challenge them to grow. They teach extra-curricular activities after school, such as Math Playground and Maker Camp. They know family members by name (even grandparents!). And they live the values that they teach. At Hi-C, our teachers make the difference.

“I will never forget Mr. Kenneth Backe and Ms. Lisa Svoboda.They both encouraged my love of writing and provided me with many of the formatting and grammatical skills that I have utilized in high school. I will also never forget Ms. Whiting. She was the first person to encourage my love of performing, which has led me to an amazing place in my high school theater program. Those three truly changed my life.”

“The teachers were exceptional, not only as educators but as examples of compassionate humans who had high expectations but also very big hearts.”

“Dedicated and supportive staff [are] typically willing to go above and beyond what is expected and/or required of them.”

#6. Learning happens here.

Our academics truly set us apart from the rest. We have an award-winning Pre-School program. Our rich Math curriculum prepares students for the most advanced classes in high school. Our unique middle school Language Arts curriculum develops strong readers — and strong writers. Our Resource Room provides enrichment opportunities. Our Literacy Lab supports emerging readers. We use the latest technology, and our days are filled with hands-on, experiential learning through science fairs, STEM and creativity conferences, field trips, PRIDE assemblies, spoken word, gardening, and so much more. And at Hi-C, all of this happens in a positive, respectful, safe environment where learning can occur.

“Highland Catholic prepared me exceptionally well for high school coursework. I left with basic formatting, studying, and time management skills that have been endlessly useful for me.”

“Highland Catholic does an excellent job of preparing its students for the rigor of high school.”

“The students are taught how to be learners. They are ready for the next educational levels.”

#7. We’re the right size.

Our school is small enough that everyone knows everyone’s name. Our Pre-schoolers are in the same building as our 8th graders. Our learning environment is flexible and adaptable. Our classes are small enough to give 1:1 attention. They are small enough for students to form deep bonds with their peers and teachers. And they are small enough that each child has ample opportunity to shine. But our school is also large enough to provide an array of sports and extra-curricular activities, summer camps, foreign language, music, and art. And our classes are large enough to differentiate instruction, teach teamwork, and encourage students to interact with others across grades and classes. At Hi-C, we find that our size fits all.

“It’s small enough to where you feel like you know everyone there, but not too small so you feel you’re limited in meeting new people.”

“I knew that [my children] would always be noticed every day.”

#8. Our community is large, but tight-knit.

We are proud to say that the Highland Catholic School community includes not only our students, but our families, our neighborhood, our alumni, and parishioners of Lumen Christi. And our community comes together in so many ways. To support one another. To worship. To volunteer and fundraise. And to celebrate. The community gives to us, and our students give back to the community. At Hi-C, it’s all about the people, and our community is why we are here.

“I still feel connected to my peers from Hi-C to this day. I felt like it was a wonderful community and I will never forget the connections I made with the teachers and my fellow students.”

“The kids feel connected to each other and the teachers.”

“The sense of community… probably the #1 thing I’ll always remember.”

“[I loved] how much the parents get involved and help enrich the school by volunteering and giving of their time, talent, and treasure.”

#9. We have strong leaders and we grow strong leaders.

Our school has flourished under the strong, steady leadership of Principal Jane Schmidt and Father Daniel Haugan. Where other schools have struggled, we have stability. We have core values and a clear mission. Our teachers have longevity. And at Hi-C, we develop these leadership qualities in our students, who arrive at high school ready to join, able to role model, and eager to lead. 

“With Jane setting the tone for the staff, parents and students, I believe the school operates with Christ at the center of everything it does.”

“Hi-C reminded us of our own grade school in that they know all the children and families well, there’s longevity among faculty, fun traditions, all around solid academics.”

“Jane Schmidt is an awesome leader.”

“Great, motivated and well educated teachers, [with] a principal who cares deeply for the school, its students and its success.”

#10. We make it work!

We do everything we can for families who want to send their kids to Highland Catholic. We offer financial aid, scholarships, and parishioner discounts. We have before and after-school care, and extended Stay and Play options for Preschoolers. We have Homework Club and Math Lab for extra help after school. We partner with St. Paul Public Schools to meet the special needs of our students. We have a school nurse and counselor. And we have amazing support staff who help bring it all together.

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