Why Choose Highland Catholic?

The incredible school community

Everyone is welcome!

A high bar for learning

Highland Catholic School is dedicated to guiding every student to reach their full potential.

Teaching the whole child

Specialists include: Spanish, Physical Education, Library Skills, Visual Arts, Music and Performing Arts.

Opportunities to grow in faith life

Highland Catholic School prides itself on helping students realize their place in God’s Creation and their power to make a difference.

Avenues to stretch and support learners

Highland Catholic School offers enrichment pullout classes for Grades 2-6, Literacy Lab support for remedial needs, Title One for qualifying students and an academic coach for middle school students.

Integration of Technology

Students in every grade have just what they need to be 21st Century Learners and teachers are skilled at seamlessly integrating technology and learning.

Before and after school care (Extra Innings) available for an additional fee.

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