Highland Catholic School has an atmosphere of caring and kindness. It’s genuine, not just a sentiment posted on a wall. The children are valued and treated with dignity. Mrs. Schmidt greets the kids by name at the front door and it’s a great way to welcome kids to a school day.

Sending our children off to school these days comes with new fears, but I feel reassured that my kids are safe in a community where everyone matters and is seen and included.

– Claire Komarec

My children step into the building at Highland Catholic and seem to grow a head taller. The faculty and staff affirm them for who they are. As a result, they’re confident, happy, and poised to learn and grow every day. I can’t imagine a more nurturing school environment.

“Back to school” is my kids’ favorite time of year. There’s no place they’d rather be.

– Anne

At Highland Catholic, my children have received great academic instruction and frequent opportunities to display leadership by speaking, reading or performing at various school forums. Highland Catholic sets expectations high for manners and respectful behavior which allows my children to show up their very best in the world. Finally, the degree of warmth and genuine support for the members of the school community is unparalleled. My children have a sense of belonging and community that will remain with them for their entire lives.

– Mary Kuhl

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