Resource Room


The Resource Room exists to provide students with wide-reaching enrichment opportunities. Small groups of students visit the Resource Room throughout the day to work on curricular enrichment in math and/or language arts. These students are selected based on test scores and teacher observation. In the Resource Room, students work on projects and activities designed to expand their ability and critical thinking skills.

Highland Catholic School offers a variety of academic enrichment opportunities.The Resource Room is a clearinghouse for these activities. Each year, students participate in activities that include Destination Imagination, Mathcounts, Creativity Festival, CreativeCon, STEMLink, Young Authors Conference, Math Masters, Junior High Math League, Battle of the Books, Young Rembrandts and Chess.

Additionally, the Resource Room is filled with math materials for all teachers and grade levels to use. The materials encompass the five math strands–numbers, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics. These materials are available for teachers to use in their classrooms to enhance mathematical concepts.

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