Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

The music program at Hi-C is based on the “Orff Approach” named for German composer and music educator, Carl Orff. Speech, movement, singing and instruments are all used to learn and experience musical concepts. Children are introduced to reading rhythms and pitches in the first grade. At the end of the third grade, the note names of the treble clef are introduced, and in fourth and fifth grade, students learn to read music of the treble clef as they play soprano recorders. Music for our school liturgies is also a big part of our music program, as is our fifth and sixth grade choir. Field trips to Orchestra Hall add a wonderful learning experience, both for hearing and enjoying classical music and learning about orchestral instruments.

A music specialist leads students in experiencing music through songs, poems, rhymes, movement, games, playing classroom instruments, and creating their own musical pieces. “Orff” melody instruments and recorders are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Liturgical music is another important part of the program. All-school and grade level Masses use song, often with sign language, to involve the whole person. Students in grades 5-6 may participate in choir. There is also a choir for grades 7-8 who would like to continue singing in a choir.

One tradition at Highland Catholic School that the music specialists lead is our Christmas Program. Each year we put together a Christmas Program that all students grades K-8 participate in. We love seeing the whole school be part of this celebration.

​The 4th graders participate in vocalessence program and also do a mini-musical in the Spring.

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