The library is a center for learning, research, study and fostering the love of reading. Kindergarten through sixth grade students visit the library once a week. In addition to checking out books for reading at home, students have a well-developed curriculum. Kindergarten explores the library through basic circulation procedures and literature appreciation. First graders continue the above and add book care, recognizing the difference between fiction and nonfiction, and the Caldecott Award Winners! After second graders review the above, they continue their instruction with one-on-one tutoring to learn the computer catalog. The third grade adds an introduction to the biography section to the above areas of instruction. In fourth grade students know the Search Plus Computer screen, and emphasis is placed on knowing and using the Dewey Decimal System. In addition, their literature appreciation focuses on noteworthy authors and illustrators, Newberry Award Winners, and Caldecott Award Winners. Fifth graders begin with an introduction and review of Reference Materials, both books and online. A continuation of literature appreciation and Newberry Award Winners. Sixth grade is the final year of formal library instruction at Highland Catholic., beginning with a review of basic study skills. They continue by examining print reviews of books, doing in -depth author studies, and have mock Newberry and Caldecott discussions. The seventh and eighth grade students do not receive formal library instruction or have a regular library time, but the library is available for their use. We are lucky to have such an outstanding program for our students at Highland Catholic School.

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