Art is a class offered from kindergarten through eighth grade at Highland Catholic School. Students learn the basic elements and principles of art, along with art history through lesson plans. They discover new ideas and skills to express themselves. By experiencing various art activities, they exercise their power of observation, master small motor skills; use their problem solving skills, and the creative spark of their imagination. All students learn the skills of producing art and valuing their work as “Works of Art”.

Art classes complement the school curriculum in all areas. All K-8 students attend a weekly art class taught by an art specialist. The program is sequential and offers the opportunity to use a variety of methods and media. Students help design, construct and paint sets for school programs. Artwork is displayed throughout the building and church. Several “masterpieces” are professionally framed and displayed as part of the school’s permanent art collection.

The art curriculum is complemented by the Art Adventure Program from the Minneapolis Institute of Art. This program places trained volunteer parents in classrooms with prints from the Institute’s permanent collection. A series of weekly classroom presentations are followed by a grade level field trip to view the actual pieces!

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