Third Grade


The spiritual emphasis in third grade in on the Catholic Church as a community. Through various activities and the use of different resources, the children study the importance of different types of communities in the development of their spiritual life.

Academics are also emphasized and the students are introduced to many new and exciting concepts, including cursive writing, multiplication, and division. Critical thinking skills and oral and written expression are developed through the use of a reading textbook, chapter books, and a variety of quality literature. Science and social studies develop meaning through many hands-on experiences.

Several theme projects occur in third grade: Birds, Planets, Native Americans, Advertising our Community, Korea, and Biographies. Several events have traditionally been highlights of the third grade experience: field trips to The Gibb’s Farm Museum, The Planetarium, The Temple of Aaron, and The Stages Theater.

The development of independent work habits is stressed throughout the year as students continue to develop responsible learning methods. Students receive daily homework that is recorded in their daily homework journals, and it is their responsibility to see that it is completed and returned the next day. The students also complete four long-term projects. These increasingly independent expectations help develop self-discipline and solid study habits in the third grade students.

Third grade is an exciting year that seemlessly combines spiritual, academic, and personal growth to create well-rounded students.

Highlights for Subject Areas

Language Arts

Literature-based reading, creative writing, spelling, cursive handwriting, current events, book reports, chapter books Math: Problem solving, computation, basic multiplication/division facts, measurement, geometry


Life science, earth science, physical science Social Studies: Communities, Native Americans, government, land forms, mapping skills, economics


Prayer, Scripture, saints, peace/justice, church community

Field Trips

Fort Snelling

Gibbs Farm Museum

State Capitol

Nature centers to watch bird banding and investigate rocks


Temple of Aaron

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Charlotte’s Web play or another play related to literature

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