Seventh Grade


By seventh grade, the students feel confident in their knowledge skills based on their positive and successful experiences of the previous years. This positive attitude leads to productive and effective learning across the curriculum. In addition to the regular subject matter taught in various classes, the sixth through eighth grade faculty is committed to helping students learn to be moral people, to take pride in their work, to manage their time effectively on long-term projects, and to take responsibility for their actions and learning.

Seventh grade is conducted in a traditional middle school manner with students switching between teachers in the sixth through eigth grade department for all classes. Seventh grade students participate in the 1:1 iPad program and use this tool consistantly throughout the day.

In religion class the emphasis is on each student’s developing faith. The Gospel message is presented as a call to respond to God’s presence in our lives. Areas explored are how to live a Christian life, the New Testament, Catholic Social Teaching, and the Church. Projects, research, digital prestations, as well as note taking and tests are some of the ways students express their increasing awareness of Christ in their lives. Discussion is ongoing and intensive, and students are encouraged to ask their questions in an open and honest manner so they can find the answers that will lead them further on their journey with Christ. This open discussion is extended through a grade level retreat day held every spring. Seventh grade Family Life focuses on morals and values. Specific emphasis is given go exploring the position of the Catholic church on these issues.

The goal of seventh grade English is to enable students to think and write powerfully, to discover new depths of thought, and to realize the importance of effective communication. Students learn to write small research papers, argumentative papers, poetry, letters, and expository pieces. Combined with the writing process are prewriting, peer editing editing sessions, and a thorough treatment of grammar and usage.

Seventh grade literature emphasizes the study of plot, character, setting, and theme, as well as author’s purpose and techniques in short stories. Some important authors studied are Jack London, James Baldwin, Jim Kjelgaard, Ray Bradbury, Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve, Richard Connell, and O. Henry. In the spring, the students read the Native American novel Bearstone.

Mathematics in the seventh grade covers many content areas. With the use of the McDougal Littell Middle School Math Courses students develop a deeper understanding of number properties and operations, measurement, geometry, data analysis and probability, and algebra. The students also apply and adapt a variety of strategies to solve problems and see connections in contexts outside of mathematics. Another important emphasis of middle school math is to create and use different representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas. This is accomplished by using a variety of graphical tools, drawings, charts, graphs, and symbols to help students communicate their thinking. The curriculum used by seventh grade offers eEdition, an electronic version of the textbook and a variety of online resources including problems correlated directly to the lessons, tutorials of key skills, self-quizzes, and other engaging student activities. Differentiating practice is found with assignments and assessments tiered for basic, average, and advanced students.

The focus of seventh grade science is on living things. The students take a closer look at different types of cells while practicing their use of microscopes. In the spring students conduct their own experiment involving cleaning products and their effect on the growth of bacteria. At the end of the year students complete a project on the human body, taking a deeper look into each body system. By the end of seventh grade science students should feel more comfortable in conducting experiments and have a deeper understanding of many difficult science topics. The curriculum follows the standards that were set in science by the state of Minnesota.

The focus of seventh grade social studies is Geography. Students look into many different cultures from around the world along with the impacts humans have on our natural surroundings. Map skills are developed throughout the year when students study the various areas of our world.

Seventh grade is a fun and exciting year when students realize just how capable and creative they can be. They are challenged to learn, grow, create, and present throughout the year in order to become increasingly confident and independent learners.

Highlights for Subject Areas

Language Arts/Reading

Literature emphasizes plot, character, setting, theme, and other concepts in classic American short stories and novels.


Developing the foundational skills needed for Algebra, extensive work with solving equations, proportions and linear function


Learn about all earth’s living things through hands-on labs and technology, frog Dissection

Social Studies

The physical and cultural study of areas of the world


Concentration on Catholic Social Teaching that focuses on how we can apply Jesus’ teachings in the modern world, working for justice and peace.

Field Trips

7th grade Courage Retreat
Renaissance Festival
Hidden Falls
Science Museum
History Center
Art Adventure at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

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