Fourth Grade


Religion is an important part of the curriculum and daily life in fourth grade. We model the themes and values of Catholic Christian faith on a daily basis through our actions in the school and larger community. From May Day Basket deliveries to food and clothing drives, all Highland Catholic students gain an appreciation for service unto others. Fourth grade religion themes include the Ten Commandments, finding and interpreting Scripture passages, the Beatitudes, the Works of Mercy, Virtues, the Hierarchy of the Church, and the Family Life.

Fourth grade strives for a curriculum that challenges and promotes self-learning and discovery. There is a unified effort from parents, teachers, and administration to help all students achieve their learning goals.

The Language Arts curriculum offers students a wide range of learning opportunities. In novels students read, analyze, and appreciate stories from different genres. As they are reading, they work to polish their reading attack skills and fluency. Students continue to refine their writing via the writing process. Additional areas of emphasis include grammar, spelling, and cursive handwriting.

Students are exposed to many mathematical concepts to enhance their problem-solving skills. There are many cooperative and hands-on learning opportunities for the kids to experience. Some concepts covered within the math realm are multiplication, division, measurement, fractions, geometry, graphs, money, probability and statistics, and time.

Students make use of many hands-on explorations and inquiry projects in the in our science program. They study properties of matter, magnetism, electricity, light, properties of sound, plant processes, and weather. There is also heavy emphasis on engineering design process an the students are given many design challenges throughout the year. Cooperative learning groups are an essential part of the learning process.

Social Studies in fourth grade places heavy emphasis on the geography and regions of the United States. Government and economy lessons are highlighted as well. Students complete a comprehensive state report which utilizes their research, writing, and computer skills to develop their final project.

Active learning is also achieved through the many field trips in which the students are fortunate to participate. Fourth grade skits, service projects, student led Masses, and current events all involve students in the community as well as offering wonderful opportunities to develop their speaking skills.

Fourth grade at Highland Catholic School offers a rich academic, social, and faith experience. Students move on to fifth grade confident the skills and tools they have learned are necessary to continue their learning and faith journeys. They are able to apply their values and feel secure in their faith experience. All these factors help the fourth graders gain a complete education.

Highlights for Subject Areas

Language Arts/Reading

Reading Assessment: Matching readers to text, exposure to all genres of text, with emphasis on high interest non-fiction and informational text, vocabulary building to strengthen reading skills, developing writing skills through the writing process and writing traits, book clubs


Multi-digit multiplication, long division, fractions, Measurement, Graphing, Geometry.


STEM career research projects, comprehensive overview of the human body systems, recognizing the impact humans have on the environment, and changes that can be made to preserve and protect the environment, exploration of celestial movements

Social Studies

Geography, economics, and history of our regions, comprehensive study of one of the states in our country and create a webpage about that state.


Development of Catholic beliefs, traditions, and teachings, becoming more active participants in church worship through a better understanding of the Eucharist and all sacraments, family life studies

Field Trips

MN Landscape Arboretum twice – to learn about the apple harvest and maple syruping

Target Field – Math and Science in baseball

James J Hill House

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

A play or two throughout the course of the year

University of MN Physics Force and Energy and U of MN presentations

River Cruise last week of school

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