First Grade


First grade is an exciting yet challenging experience. It is a year of many firsts: formal math instruction, spelling tests and independence. For many students one of the most important firsts of first grade is learning to read. What a wonderful discovery! First graders also work on being independent and responsible during the year. They have quiet, independent reading time, work in their own math, religion, and social studies books, and are even responsible for their own library books and homework!

Throughout the year, the students are taught reading through whole language and phonics. Spelling begins right away at the beginning of first grade as the students learn to sound out words. In mathematics, we teach traditional mathematical skills, such as time, money, and math facts, as well as problem-solving strategies. Along with mathematics and language arts, the students learn science, social studies, and writing skills. Not only is religion taught on a daily basis, but the Catholic spirit is lived out each day. In addition to academics, we want each child to develop spiritually and emotionally.

Some of the other highlights of first grade include a trip to the farm, being “Star of the Week”, a field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, discovering God in their daily lives, a visit to Murphy’s Landing, and a yearly production at the Stages Theatre.

First grade is a critical year in which responsibility, social skills, and independence are stressed. We work to lay the foundation of these skills for the students to develop in their future years at Highland Catholic School.

Highlights for Subject Areas

Language Arts/Reading

Increase our phonemic awareness, learn new sight words and sharpen our writing skills


Learning to tell time and count money


Engaging hands-on experiments and our outdoor classroom

Social Studies

Learning about Citizenship, American Symbols, Exploring Mapping Skills, Economics, and Our Changing World.


Learning new prayers and studying important saints

Field Trips

Trip to the farm

Art Institute

Murphy’s Landing

Stages Theater

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