#GiveHiC Day 2021

Highland Catholic is coming together as a community for #GiveHiC Day 2021, encouraging families and supporters to join us as we aim to empower our students with the very best STEM curriculum and new innovative resources. 

Donate today to reach our giving goal of $30,000 by November 18th.

This year’s theme, STRONGER WITH STEM, aims to raise the needed funds to purchase new math and science textbooks for grades K-8. Reaching our fundraising goal will not only support this critical update to our curriculum cycle, which runs every five-years, but any additional funds will go towards important hands-on resources.

School textbooks have come a long way over the years and the nature of how they influence our curriculum has broadened greatly. Beyond the physical textbooks, we are essentially buying a subscription which includes online access and coordinating enhanced resources. While this has immeasurable value for our instruction and students, costs have nearly doubled from our traditional budget. 

Fundraising efforts are being combined with several inspirational activities at school, including a library takeover, morning STEM stories and a very special educational “STEMbassador” program which includes family volunteers providing our students with an up-close and personal view of their careers and the important role math and science has played in their life.

With your help we WILL reach and EXCEED our fundraising goal as well as INSPIRE our amazing students!

Support us today by clicking the button below to make or schedule your gift now. You can add a note for “Give Hi-C” after selecting the PayPal or credit card option.

Thank you to our “STEMbassadors”!

The role of a STEMbassador is to talk to students about their careers and passion for the STEM subjects. Our STEMbassadors will be called in between November 15th-18th to help showcase a wide variety of STEM jobs, interests and backgrounds to our students in advance of #GiveHiC Day. Hopefully inspiring some creativity for our special Out of Uniform theme!

STRONGER WITH STEM Out of Uniform Day on November 18th 

Students are encouraged to celebrate #GiveHiC Day by coming to school dressed in a STEM inspired outfit…

  • A favorite thing from science, technology or math class (e.g. DNA, an element from the periodic table, a robot, planet, tree or lightbulb!)
  • A famous mathematician, engineer, scientist or technologist (e.g. Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Mae Jemison, Steve Jobs) 
  • A future version of themself in a STEM related career (e.g. astronaut, doctor, data scientist, computer programmer, inventor)

While our Library and Resource Room will be featuring STEM books and themes, we hope you have fun at home discussing what your children love most about STEM, who their heroes are and/or any big career dreams they may have!

Want to help further inspire our students? Contact Tammy Kuenster at t.kuenster@highlandcatholic.org with a brief quote on how the STEM subjects continue to make an impact on your daily life. Principal Jane Schmidt will be reading these experiences to students each morning in the run-up to #GiveHiC Day!

Questions? Please call the office at 651-690-2477.

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