#GiveHiC Day

Highland Catholic is coming together as a community for #GiveHiC Day 2020, encouraging families and supporters to join us as we “upgrade our generosity” across multiple giving opportunities designed to enable students and teachers with the technology they need to best support students.

Donate today to reach our giving goal of $20,000 by November 20th

With your help, we WILL reach and EXCEED our $20,000 fundraising goal for the purchase of new laptops for our homeroom teachers and specialists. There is a $5,000 match up for grabs, so whether $10 or $100, the staff, students and parents of Highland Catholic thank you for your generous donation.

Support us today by clicking the button below to make or schedule your gift now. You can add a note for “GiveHiC” after selecting the PayPal or credit card option.

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Technology Drive for Minnesota Computers for Schools on November 18 & 19

During these difficult times, it’s important to come together to help each other. While many schools in Minnesota are closed Minnesota Computers for Schools (MNCFS) [https://mncfs.org/] will be working to make sure that all kids have a computer at home to allow them to stay connected and participate in distance learning. Thousands of students are not set up for distance learning and it’s vital that at-risk, underserved students don’t fall behind because they don’t have a computer at home.

In support of this important mission, Highland Catholic will be organizing a Technology Drive on November 18 & 19 in the school parking lot. All old computer and equipment donations will be donated to MNCFS for their refurbishment, reuse and recycling.

Equipment donations

Accepted items Not accepted items
  • Computer towers and desktops
  • Laptops
  • LCD monitors
  • Tablets and cellphones (must be restored to factory settings)
  • Networking equipment
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Printer ink cartridges
  • CRT monitors
  • DVD/VCR players
  • Copiers, scanners and fax machines
  • Projectors
  • Televisions
  • Stereos
  • Household appliances

Contactless drop-off

Drop off equipment donations in the HiC parking lot between school hours on November 18 & 19. Look for the drop-off signs along as well as our volunteers. Once parked, you can either place the donations in the designated area or simply pop your trunk for our volunteers to grab. Please mask up and keep a safe distance. 

Families can also send easy to carry items in your students’ back-packs anytime between November 16 through November 20. Collection bins will be designated throughout our HiC halls for students to dropoff donations.

Technology Drive FAQ

What is Minnesota Computers for Schools? 

Minnesota Computers for Schools is a non-profit organization providing technology access and skills training to underserved individuals and helping them gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in school and begin a successful career in technology.

Does the equipment have to be working?

No – we will attempt to refurbish any nonworking equipment. Equipment that cannot be refurbished will be disassembled and the parts will either be used to build computers or recycled. 

How will the equipment be used?

MCFS makes every effort to refurbish and reuse all donated equipment. The refurbished equipment is placed in schools and educational nonprofits throughout the state. Because reuse is at the heart of our mission, equipment that does not meet the requirements of schools and educational nonprofits will be sold or recycled. The money raised from sales of unusable technology will allow us to purchase components so that students receive the best technology solution possible.

Does MCFS erase all of the personal data from donated computers?

Yes – we are dedicated to data security. Each hard drive goes through a rigorous scrubbing process that complies with the Department of Defense standards. We are happy to provide a certificate of destruction upon request.

Questions? Please call the office at 651-690-2477.

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