Fall Planning Updates


As we finalize our plans for the reopening of school, we are asking ALL households to complete this quick survey.  It will be a way to customize for your family.  We are hoping for 100% participation.

Here is the link.


You may have to cut and paste.

Also, we appreciate the ideas/concerns that parents/guardians are sharing on this earlier google doc, too.  Jump on it anytime to share thoughts with our Planning Committee.




1. Our Planning Committee is continuing to put protocols in place for a return to in-person learning this fall.  We have been asked to create three different plans with a focus on safety.

Here is a suggested shopping list to add to your pile of school supplies.

-Personal Water Bottle

Each student will need one.  We have shut off the drinking fountains, but kept the bottle filling stations.  Students should bring a full water bottle and carry it home every night for a good scrub.

-Mask and/or Neck Gaiters

Students age 5 and up will be in masks or gaiters.  (Unless there is a medical condition that prohibits mask wearing.)  We are looking to have some neck gaiters    available for purchase, if that is more comfortable.  More to come.

-Disposable Lunch Bags, the ol’ Brown Bag

We love recycling, but think fewer items moving between home and school might be a good idea. We are working with Agra Culture Kitchen to have a hot lunch option too.  The HIVE ( à la carte line) is unlikely at this time.

-A Second Uniform

We are hoping all students will be able to wear a uniform for one day and toss it in  the wash.  Thanks to Used Uniform parent volunteer, Kaliegh McDonnell, and our generous families, we have an abundance of used uniforms and will schedule a time for  picking up pieces.

-A Storage Crate (Grades 5-8)

A plastic crate the size of a milk crate would be ideal. They can be found in the  college/dorm section. Students will use these for books, etc., to eliminate trips to     lockers.

-A Good Home Thermometer

 Students will have their temperatures read upon arrival, but checking at home is a grand idea.

 2. Please use this link to share ideas and concerns with the Planning Committee.  We would love to hear from you.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSegcil3N1GDZoTkFyGyBBkHUAv4VWtjl-e1gRu2wRuPoAakLg/viewform?usp=sf_link

I promise to keep sending updates.  I am thankful for all of the medical/scientific experts in our community.  We want to open with safety in mind for students, teachers, and staff.



HIghland Catholic School is looking for parents/guardians, with a college degree, who are interested in serving as a substitute teacher during the upcoming school year, 2020-21.  We anticipate a higher need for qualified guest teachers in the building.

Interested parents/guardians will be asked to complete the Essential Three (Virtus Training, Code of Conduct and Background Check) and attend a two-day training Oct. 5th-6th at Nativity of our Lord School (or virtually).  TBD.

We can’t imagine a more fun place to be than Highland Catholic School.  Please complete this quick form.




A few random things:

  1. Highland Catholic School is targeting Wednesday, August 26th, for our return to school.  That is a tad earlier than our scheduled start of August 31st. 
  2. Your Tuition Agreements will be sent out next week.  I am happy to report that tuition will remain flat.  There is no increase from the 2019-20 school year.  We are so grateful to the Lumen Christi Catholic Community for their support of our Parish School.
  3. There are many discussions around students in masks.  We don’t know the protocols that will be required yet.  The most current thought is masks for students in Grades 6 and up, teachers and staff are strongly recommended.  Clear face shields are suggested for teachers of younger grades.  Watch for updates.
  4. Highland Catholic School will have a Professional Day for teachers on Friday, Sept. 18th.  This is an addition to the calendar.  We will use the day to review our safety protocols and finalize the plans for our MNSAA accreditation visit in November.




Highland Catholic School is creating a Plan to address the return to school this fall.  We know the benefit of on-site learning and are looking at guidelines and protocols for safely doing so.

Highland Catholic School has created a Task Force to begin our work planning for school in the fall. At this time members are: Jane Schmidt, Katie Atlas, Martha Skold, Corrie Schmidt and Kassy Kenney.

We are creating three plans: in-person instruction,  (our first choice). distance learning, and a hybrid.. We have organized our work into five buckets:

  1. Logistics, with items like:
  • Spacing in classroom
  • Lunches delivered and eaten in classroom
  • Use church for teaching space
  1. Health Protocols, with items like:
  • Temperature scanners
  • Hand washing stations
  1. Staff and HR, with items like:
  • Protocols to keep teachers safe
  • Plan developed if student/staff test positive for COVID-19

-Flexible job descriptions for staff and specialists

  1. Technology
  2. Maintenance and Disinfecting

Highland Catholic School has requested access to the ESSER Federal Funds under the CARES Act. These funds will be distributed through the SPPS Federal Title Program.

The start date of school is also on the table.  One strong option is returning on August 24th, the start of typical Workshop Week for teachers.  A week earlier than our planned start of August 31st.

We have many resources available to us. Some include:

-Archdiocesan Task Force created by Bishop Cozzens.

-Catholic School Center of Excellence Task Forces – These are groups of principals working with the same five buckets. There are weekly updates and they will continue to make recommendations throughout the summer.

-Highland Catholic School parents/guardians with incredible expertise in these areas have already reached out to us: Kaleigh McDonnel, Stephanie Soucheray . Andrew Nelson and Andrea Todd-Harlin. We are grateful for their guidance.

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