Bees and Bugs

1. Please be sure to call or text our front office with absences and a general reason for the absence. This information is important for our health office.
Text: 651-243-1558 Call: 651-690-2477
We do have confirmed cases of Influenza A in the building. Influenza is highly contagious, so please keep your children home if they are displaying any flu like symptoms:

2. Students will compete in the final round of our Spelling Bee on Wednesday morning, starting at 8:20am in the cafeteria. Parents are welcome to come and watch!


Mrs. Donahue’s Homeroom: Joey M, Sam D

Ms. Boyle’s Homeroom: Adele P, Colin D, Adam H, Isaac M


Mr. Welle’s Class: Sofie G, Kathleen L, Billy C, Griffin

Ms. Svoboda’s Cass: Kirra A, Genevieve A, Sonja P


Mrs. Hickel’s Class: Sam P, Sofie N, Jake H, Avery K, Mae S

Mrs. Fitzgerald’s Class: Aidan L, Henry H, Alex G, Luke P, Danny


Mrs. Skold’s Class: Lucy, Carter, Landon, Jack S

Mr. Backe’s Class: Calla, Ava, Noel, Ben L, Brigid T, Anna J, Tommy M, Marco C

We are gearing up for our 2021 Swing Gala!Click here to learn more.
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