AIM Higher Scholarship Application and Men’s Club Meeting

To apply for scholarship from the AIM Higher Foundation, for Grades K-8, for the 2020-21 school year, please follow these steps.  The AIM Higher Foundation exists to support Catholic education.

1.  Visit, click on the TADS Financial Aid application.
2.  Create an account or login to your existing account.
3.  Fill out the online Financial Aid application form.
This form has 23 sections. For a preview of the online form, download the Financial Aid Application Worksheet. You will receive a TADS Reference Number once the online form is submitted.
4.  Upload required documentation to your application.
The required documentation varies by applicant, but TADS recommends having your most recently filed federal taxes, W2s, and paystubs close by.
5.  TADS reviews your application.
6.  TADS will audit your application to ensure accurate household need. This audit can result in a period of communication between you and one of our auditors.
The schools or scholarship organizations listed on your application review to determine aid.
7.  This process and notification timeline looks different for each of our partner schools and scholarship organizations. Once your application is in completed status you can direct award questions to your school or scholarship organization.

TADS is here to help at each phase of the financial aid application. Please click the green “Need Help?” button on the right of your screen to find frequently asked questions. You can contact them via email, chat or phone for assistance. Support hours are 7:00 AM-8:00 PM CST Monday-Friday.

Applications are due by Feb. 18th


Hi-C Men’s Club

2020 Planning Meeting

January 30, 7:30 PM

Highland Catholic School Cafeteria

2017 Bohland Ave, St. Paul, MN

(enter from the parking lot via the gym entrance)

The Highland Catholic Men’s Club is looking to get more people involved.  We need help with guiding the direction and execution of events moving forward.

We’d like for those interested in supporting the group’s efforts to come join us for this meeting.  Your ideas are important and we need participation from more dads to continue to ensure the success and viability of our Hi-C Men’s Club.

Please mark your calendars and come check us out!

We are gearing up for our 2021 Swing Gala!Click here to learn more.
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