Orange Zone- New No Parking Signs

As part of the continuing car line improvements, this month we have made the following changes to the “Orange Zone” along Kenneth Avenue.

Southbound Kenneth (nearest the school) is now a “No Parking/Loading Zone.”  St. Paul’s Traffic Engineers visited the school and recommended this change which will allow for increased loading/unloading along Kenneth and additional space along the curb for cars to line up. As the snow piles narrow the street, it will also allow more space for vehicles to pass. Please be aware as Parking Enforcement will begin issuing tickets soon.
Along Kenneth, the snow is now being cleared in multiple locations from the boulevard. This will create safer conditions for the students when walking to and from cars.

Last, due to neighborhood complaints, when using the Orange Zone for pick up (Southbound Kenneth) please do not block the Hillcrest intersection, access to the Highland Shopping Center, or Ford Parkway. If the pick-up car line extends this far, consider arriving 5 minutes later (2:55) or using the Blue Zone.
Thanks for your help.

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